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Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy for children… can you really hypnotise children?
Absolutely! In fact they are brilliant at being hypnotised - much better than most adults. Children generally find the state of hypnosis very natural and very pleasing.

Children are very suited to hypnotherapy as they have such wonderful imaginations and such a strong belief in and fascination of magic that there is no need for formal hypnosis.

Most of my work with children is done using the imagination. Children usually have heroes whether it be Spiderman, David Beckham, Buzz light year or their own soft toy, their own super heroes can be enlisted to help them to deal with a specific situation. A child may not know how to cope with bullying at school but they may know how their own teddy would deal with it. Buzz light year might be able to wake them up to go to the toilet in the night, and David Beckham can be a secret invisible friend when they start a new school. Children are very good at finding their own solutions; they just need a little assistance in the right direction.

It is important however that the child wants to come and recognises that they have a problem that they want to solve. Forcing a child to see a therapist for something that is only a problem for the parent could in fact make the problem worse. Hypnotherapy is about assisting the child to help themselves, so that they can deal effectively not only with the present but also with any problems in the future.¬ 

Strong or unwarranted criticism by parents or teachers can produce imprints in a child's mind that will create fears, phobias, habits, attitudes, etc. which can later require intense therapy. Hypnosis can change potential failures at school to *A* students with its influential power.

In a study on Dyslexia in 1975, Crasilneck and Hall showed that over 75% of dyslexic children can be helped with direct hypnosis.¬  Following hypnotherapy that included suggestions for improving performance and pronunciation, recognition of words became automatic and more rapid.¬ ¬  The results in this study were as good as, or slightly better than, those reported by special behaviour modifiers.¬ 

Can you help children of all ages in this way?
No. I really only work in this way with children of about 5 or 6 years and upwards, from this age on they are usually very responsive to hypnosis. Communication must be at the child's level of perception and understanding the results can be rapid and dramatic.¬  ¬ 

Some of the areas that hypnotherapy is effective with children is:

Sleeping patterns
Bed wetting
Thumb sucking
Nail biting¬ 
School phobia
Building confidence
Dealing with change

As they grow older:

Attention problems

Learning enhancement
Study habits
Anxieties (home & school)
Coping with  

Learning difficulties

Self-esteem and confidence
Grief from loss or separation 
Athletic performance

How long does each session last and where do they take place?
The first session lasts for one and a half hours, whereas follow-ups are for one hour. The sessions take place in a quiet and peaceful room within my practice in Powder Mill Lane, Whitton, Twickenham, and Middlesex.

How will my child feel afterwards?
That's a difficult question to answer because it really depends so much on his/her reason for coming here. However, at the end of a session, it has been noted that most children open their eyes with a very big smile on their face!

What's the next step?
The next step is to get in touch so that we can have a chat to make sure that it is appropriate for your child. After that you may want to think about it for a while, or discuss it with a partner, for example. Once you decide that you'd like to go ahead, just ask to make a first appointment for a child and I'll arrange one for
you.¬ ¬ 

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